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Thread: Problem accessing Documents in ZCS OSS 5.09

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    Default Problem accessing Documents in ZCS OSS 5.09

    After upgrading to ZCS OSS 5.09 I noticed that the URL that points to my documents is no longer the same, it points to the hostname of the server rather than the name of the virtual host that I use to access my email.

    This causes zimbra to prompt me for a username/password and unless I type my full email address I'm not able to read/write to my documents, is there a quick fix for this? should I wait for the next update?

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    Let's override that with:
    zmprov md zimbraPublicServiceHostname

    Bug 29978 - remove requirement that zimbraPublicServiceHostname have a corresponding zimbraServer object REST URL's can now be composed of 3 attributes: zimbraPublicService[Protocol + Hostname + Port] to avoid dependency on zimbraServer objects.

    (It's possible we changed the behavior of zimbraVirtualHostname unintentionally but I wasn't aware of that.)

    If you have your config file from before & after upgrade please send them to me or attach to thread (definately scrub contents appropriately) mainly interested in attributes with the words 'virtual' or 'hostname' in them.

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