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    I have some users on my system that are concerned about the aggressiveness of the spam filtering. In particular they are concerned that among the zillions of SPAM messages they are loosing one or two that may actually be important. I currently have the kill percentage set at 100% in order to minimize the chances that a message gets clobbered before someone has a chance to at least look at it. I thought a reasonable solution would be to have users that are concerned set up a message on a server that may not be filtering at all and have all of their messages forwarded to that server. However, I tried this with a GTUBE test and it appears that ZCS only fowards messages that are SPAM-free. Is this correct? If it is, is there any way for me to have ALL messages forwarded even if ZCS considers them to be SPAM?

    (Release 5.0.6_GA_2313.UBUNTU6 UBUNTU6 FOSS edition)

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    Well you could use Transport Table for external servers - Zimbra :: Wiki and instead of specifying a complete domain just specify individual email addresses.

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