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Thread: large number of mails in queue!

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    Default large number of mails in queue!

    I have the same problem with herehere , but I didnot find the answer follow this post. My question is , when i restart the mailbox , all the mails in the queue will be delivered quickly, but in the next two or three hours , there will be another large number of mails stick in queue, especially in active queue. How can i do to handle this ?

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    Have you checked the reason of the messages being in the queue? For example, they can be there because postfix couldn't connect to the desintation server or because the remote server gave a temporary error, etc.

    Sergio Aguayo

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    Default How to find the problem?

    I think maybe it is because the capable of anti-virus or anti-spam . How to increase the ability of these two. thanks.

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