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Thread: [SOLVED] Question regarding the calendar and ICS files.

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    Default [SOLVED] Question regarding the calendar and ICS files.

    I read at that to be able to connect Apple's iCal to zimbra, I could use the ics method by entering the following address in iCal: http://{servername}/zimbra/home/{username}/{Filename}.ics

    But I was wondering, where on the server's harddrive is located the folder that will contain the .ics file?

    When I tried to publish my calendar to the server I kept getting error about not being authorized to creat the file there.

    I'm asking because I'm trying to figure out how things are handled in zimbra so I can get things working properly.

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    The calendar data is in MySQL and the file system. It's not in a plain .ics file on disk. The URL wil generate a current .ics file on the fly.

    This URL is read-only. To import you need to import a published iCal via the web UI.
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