Dear All,

one of our customers using 508 version, they can use :
"zmlocalconfig -e ldap_deref_aliases never" command
in order to get better performance when doing ldap

however, this parameter looks like useless in 502 version.
We've set it , but the slow ldap authentication still exists.
Using tcpdump to check the packet, we saw that it's still
using derefAlways to do the query.

Another test by doing two commands below :

ldapsearch "<filter>" -D "dc=xx,dc=xx" -h -W -p 389 -b "ou=people,dc=xx,dc=xx" -x -a always
(this returns quite slow)

ldapsearch "<filter>" -D "dc=xx,dc=xx" -h -W -p 389 -b "ou=people,dc=xx,dc=xx" -x -a never
(this returns soon)

Thus, we suspect we should set "deref_aliases" to "never" for LDAP search,
Does anyone have any idea how we can set this value in 502 version?