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Thread: How does one upgrade Zimbra server from RHEL4 to RHEL5...

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    Question How does one upgrade Zimbra server from RHEL4 to RHEL5...

    We are upgrading our server from RHEL4 to RHEL5. We currently have Zimbra 5.0.9 Network Edition for 64-bit RHEL4. What is the recommended way to do this?

    Thank you

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    There are two different things/steps.

    First is to upgrade your OS from 4 to 5.
    Be sure ZCS is stopped and automatic start is disabled when you do this.

    Once your server is correctly running RHEL5, just download the RHEL5 version of ZCS you need (the very same version, do not try to upgrade at the same time).

    Then launch ./

    Once "upgraded" (RHEL4 binaries will be replaced by RHEL5 ones), you just need to re-enable automatic start (if needed).

    The most obvious : BACKUP BEFORE

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    In a multi-server environment, is it safe to update the mailbox nodes one at a time?

    What we thought we'd do is something like this...

    - Move the services to the standby node (running)
    - Reinstall the OS to RHEL5
    - Migrate the service back, leave it down, and upgrade it to the RHEL5 binaries.
    - Restart the service on the primary node
    - Rinse and repeat for all mailbox nodes

    Are we going to run into a problem if the LDAP and MTA servers aren't upgraded to RHEL5 too? Should we do those first or does OS level not matter?

    Any other thoughts or experiences?


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