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Thread: [SOLVED] Change Trace Retention Time

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    Default [SOLVED] Change Trace Retention Time

    I know it's possible to trace messages for up to 30 days with the zmmsgtrace command.

    What if I want to be able to trace messages handled more than 30 days ago, for the whole Zimbra system? Where/how can I change this setting.

    I read the Admin Guide, the Wiki and stuff but couldn't find the answer.


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    su - zimbra
    zmprov mcf zimbraLogRawLifetime 61d
    (31d is default)

    If you're curious how this process works examine /opt/zimbra/bin/zmmsgtrace & /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmlogprocess (which is fired off every 10 min from crontab against the zimbra_logger DB.)

    (There's also zimbraLogSummaryLifetime which is set to 730d by default.)

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