As the beta test, I migrated my personal domain to my company's Z server-to-be the end of last week. It's been working ok (though Matt Rhoades probably doesn't think I think so, based on the 24 bugs I've filed :-), but the other mailbox owner on that domain just got back into town.

He uses Thunderbird, and is reasonably happy with it.

He uses POP3. Apparently, you can't convert a POP3 account in Tbird with a lot of local folders into an IMAP account.

So we got his POP working this morning, except for one thing: Z files your junkmail for you.

And *all* forwarding, so far as I can determine, happens out the back of the MTA, not inside the MUA, so his junk folder is getting populated -- and insulated from the POP server -- before he has any way to reach it.

So how do you deal with false-positives?

Is it possible to turn off auto-reroute to junk for a single user?