Now that my install has settled down a bit, I find that it would be useful for me to regenerate my SSL/TLS certificate(s) in the canonical name of the server -- now that I know what that's going to be.

a) Can I do that?

b) How?

c) Will ZCS get mad at me if I do?

I ask that last question because there are several spots (for which I'll be hanging bugs this weekend) where ZCS assumes it should generate URLs as part of the UI (particularly in admin) using the "true" name of the server, which is not accessible from outside my LAN.

This means that, for example, I cannot View Mail for a user, unless I'm inside the building, because it returns me a link that won't resolve out there.

My optimal solution would, I suppose, be to change ZCSs idea of its name to the canonical name, and then regen the certs.

See above questions...