I writing this to report my experience so far with Debian.

I installed Zimbra 3.0.1_GA_160 today and all is good so far.

I had no install problems at all and the services are working properly.

I installed the french pack found here in the forums and it is working perfectly.

There is just one thing though that I noticed and I address this to the Debian package maintainer.

By default, Debian seems to be running with runlevel 2.

On a Debian system, i read that the way the runlevels are automatically tailored, runlevel 2,3,4 and 5 are equal.

The install package seems to have created the symlink S99zimbra in rc3.d, rc4.d and rc5.d to start the zimbra services at boot time but since Debian starts by default in runlevel 2, zimbra is not started.

If you take a look in rc{2,3,4,5}.d, they all have the same symlinks in them by default so it could be a good idea to add in the packages a command to put the start symlink S99zimbra in rc2.d to.

Also I noticed that the installer created the K01zimbra symlink rc{3,4,5}.d.

But in Debian, I noticed that all the K scripts are located only in rc6.d.

So if I'm correct, there should be no K01zimbra in rc{3,4,5}.d and K01zimbra should be definitaly be in rc6.d.

For the rest, I'm very satisfyed with the quality work done by you guys. I'm impressed by the flawnessless install method and the awsome quality of the zimbra collaboration software.

So keep up the good work!

If I find anything else, I'll keep you posted!

Thanx again!