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Thread: [SOLVED] How to check Instant Mail Log in Zimbra?

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    Cool [SOLVED] How to check Instant Mail Log in Zimbra?


    Using ZCS Open Source Edition. My ZIMBRA Mail Server is working fine. Now,I would like to know that "How to check Zimbra MTA Logs" through command line?

    For Example,If i am using sendmail MTA, I will use below command to check updated logs.

    "tail -f /var/log/maillog"

    So,for zimbra,any command line tool is available?

    I would like to know that Any ZIMBRA Official book available in the market? I am interested to go step by step ZIMBRA customization. My zimbra server is working fine but due to excellent security,scalability & more benefits,I need to learn zimbra more n more deeply.

    So,please suggest if any book is available.I am residing in INDIA,So it is fruitful if i can get INDIAN EDITION.

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