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Thread: Certain Domains Cannot Email Me

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    Default Certain Domains Cannot Email Me

    Hello Zimbra,

    I am having a problem receiving emails from certain clients. We do not believe the problem is on our server but would like to do a workaround for this client. Anyways the error log that was give on their server is
    "503 5.5.1 Error: send HELO/EHLO first"

    I do not want to set smtpd_helo_required to "no" to all incoming domains.

    Is there anyway I can filter the client's ip to allow them to email us without globally changing the configuration like a network filter of some sort?

    Thanks in advance

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    The logs say that *they* heard from *you* the 503 error? What kind of mail server are they using?

    Telnet to their MX address and see if it will tell you. They are almost certainly dropping lots of outgoing mail on the floor these days if they won't HELO, and if you sell it to their mail admin right, perhaps he'll fix it.
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