I recently started experiencing network errors when using the search function in the SOAP interface. It appears there is an indexing problem somewhere...

A network service error has occurred. msg: system failure: Caught IOException opening index
code: service.FAILURE
method: SearchRequest
detail: soap:Receiver
trace: btpool0-22:1222284436562:dfd958ccd15d795b

The table reindex and integrity check cron jobs seem to be completing without any complaints. The search errors are consistent across all email addresses and search types.

Does anyone have any advise for tracking this down? I have good backups (every single night) but as this issue is now 3 days old - if I can't fix the database then I'll have lost data no matter how good the backups are.

I am not seeing any other outward symptoms - but of course who checks every single piece of mail, event, etc. for corruption?