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    Default prevent web login

    I've searched the wiki and the forums, but it doesn't seem like anyone has ever asked this before.

    Is it possible to have a user account that is accessible via pop3 and imap, but does not allow login through the web interface?

    The different user status settings seem to lock-out access via pop3 and imap too...

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    i just tried removing all the applications under the "Features" tab of a dummy account. It seems to keep them from getting in. It lets them log in, but it never loads the zimbra web interface it just sits at the splash screen.

    Disabling the "mail" feature I don't think would disable their pop3/imap, but rather the mail app in the web interface, but don't quote me on this, try it first

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    Clearing those features seems to accomplish exactly what I was trying. In hindsight, kinda obvious.

    Thanks a lot.
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