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    Default Clarify existance of features


    We are currently tested a Zimbra Network Edition (3.0.1_GA_160.RHEL4 Feb 16,2006) and have a number issues of which we would like to clarify the status:

    1. Anonymous access to certain calendars

    According to a thread from 8/2005 in the Users forum it is not possible. Is this still the case? I cannot find and indication that it is not. Accessing /service/home/"username"/calendar gives access to the calendar if the user is logged in, but not anonymously.

    2. Aggregate calendars

    I cannot find any reference indicating that such a concept exists in ZCS. Neither have testing of the product. Is the no such concept?

    To explain it a little move I need to be able to create a named calendar as an aggregation of several others. An aggrategated calendar needs to be able to participate in additional aggregations. It is quite ok if the aggregate calendars are "read-only" (no bookings, edits etc.)

    3. Private entries in a shared calendar

    I cannot create an entry in a calendar and make it private if the calendar is shared? I would like to be able to makee my calendar public available. All users can subscribe to it and see it. Normal entries in my calendar they can see (the full entry), but private entries just appear as Busy/Unavailable or similar.

    Thats it. I hope someone have some input on these.

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    1) Correct. You must have a user/pass to view it.

    2) Well you can import ICS files. This will be a read-only calendar you can overlay in Zimbra. Just choose the remote URL option when creating a new calendar.

    3) This is not available today. One option is to create a separate private calendar and then put all private items in it. This way you can share your public calendar with out exposing your private data. Zimbra will still show other user's your free/busy times for both the public and private calendars.
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