Hi all,

This is a pseudo continuation of the following thread:


I'm moving on from the "fix the server" to the "move data out of the old installation and into a new" stage.

This is not an attempt at restoring from backup, since all attempts at restoration have failed and I've essentially given up on that as the problem seems to be some kind of permissions between LDAP and the MySQL instance or something. Basically, I can get the information store mounted, but can't send or receive e-mail, or search anything in Zimbra. I get a network service error.

This thread is to collaborate information on how to:

1) Export mail and mail settings from one Zimbra installation and
2) Import that mail into another.

I know that the e-mail itself is stored in .eml files that are in the /opt/zimbra/store folder. So, I suppose if I have to, I can create a shell Zimbra installation, create all of the same users, then somehow import those messages, possibly by going through this route:

.eml files ---> Outlook Express ---> Import into Outlook 2003 ---> Export to PST ---> Import into user's mail

Does anyone have any suggestions on this?

Does anyone know where the user accounts and settings are located? My guess is that they're in the MySQL database...but where's that located?

- Jesse