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Thread: Ghost Account (MUA HA HA HA!)

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    Question Ghost Account (MUA HA HA HA!)

    ello peeps,

    Picked up a funny and couldn't find anything seemingly relevant on the forum.

    Basically, I tried to add an alias ( to an account ( through the Admin UI. It told me that the alias already belonged to another account ( I thought I'd better check that out and found that it was lying. There was an alias there of I removed that in case it was confused and tried again. This time it told me that there was an account with the name I thought, "no, there isn't", checked anyway & I was right. Started to think maybe there was a bug in the UI so I figured I'd have a go at the command line, check this out:
    zimbra@mail:~> zmprov aaa
    ERROR: account.ACCOUNT_EXISTS (account already exists:
    zimbra@mail:~> zmprov da
    ERROR: account.NO_SUCH_ACCOUNT (no such account:
    Did a zmpov gaa (just to be sure) and it's not there.

    Anyone had this problem before?


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    Odd for sure. Try restarting tomcat. Maybe something is cached with all the different combination you tried.
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    It can be that there is a record in LDAP, but there is no such account in the DB. Can you search your LDAP for this account name?
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    Talking Doh!!!

    Sorry guys, this was a case of "can't see the wood for the trees"!

    I had set up distribution lists which were using the addresses that I was trying to configure as aliases. (crexis=dumbass)

    Dunno if maybe the zimbra dudes could modify the error message this causes to differentiate between an account and a distribution list. Just for any future wally's like me

    Thanks for the assistance.

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