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Thread: [SOLVED] zmlogprocess not working

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    Default [SOLVED] zmlogprocess not working


    I've been having problems with stats because zmlogprocess is not working correctly. I have data in raw_logs but when zmlogprocess runs it does not put any data into the mta, amavis, or disk_status tables. See

    I had a quick look at the zmlogprocess script. Here's one problem I see, in processMta there is a line:

      my $sth = sqlExec("select distinct(postfix_qid) from raw_logs ".
        "where postfix_qid is not null and app ".
        "like 'postfix%' and id > '".$lastRowID."'");
    lastRowID is taken from the processing_history table. The value for "mta" is 3554329, but all the new rows in the raw_logs table have an id below this so the select from zmlogprocess always returns an empty table. I believe this is also the case for amavis and disk_status.

    Why is lastRowID higher than the current IDs? How do I fix it?

    I guess the question is, what, other than zmlogprocess, uses the processing_history table? And, can I just set the id's in this table to 0 to reset it all?

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    I reset all the IDs in the processing_history table to zero. zmlogprocess magically started working.

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