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Thread: Problems with preferences

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    Default Problems with preferences

    Hello all,
    I've been using zimbra for several months now and looking to cut over my other users to this server. However recently something weird is going on.

    I have 4 different accounts defined under "Preferences: Accounts" on the web interface for my account. I have my primary account and 3 external accounts:
    2 are IMAP and 1 is POP.

    These acounts have been working fine until today. When I go in to check the accounts settings, intermittantly some of the setting for the accounts will be forgotten. Usually its the password. On POP accounts, it never remembers the "Download message to:" setting.

    I'm running on Ubuntu 8.04 and Release 5.0.9_GA_2533 running on VMware 3.5.VM with 1GB of memory

    Tried looking around, but didn't see anything like this.


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    Default Update: Problems with preferences

    I confirmed that this happens on even new accounts now.

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