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Thread: Calendar opens one day prior

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    Default Calendar opens one day prior

    Annoying bug on the Zimbra calendar program:
    When using the html version, every time you click on a date, the
    day that opens up is one day prior. And the error compounds when
    you follow additional links for that day.

    For example,
    click month view. Select a date, say, October 1.
    The window that will open will say Sept 30. Now click
    'New+' and the scheduling dates will say Sept 29.

    This happens across all browsers and OS's I have tried so far.

    It does not seem to happen using the 'advanced' interface but is
    ubiquitous in the 'standard' interface.

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    Default One day late

    Any progress on this?

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    Default Problem: AJAX Calendar and HTML Calendar

    1. Open Calendar in AJAX
    2. Select Month view
    3. Click any day
    3. Advance one month - the initial day (e.g., "17") displays correctly ("17") in the new month


    1. View the same calendar in HTML
    2. Select Month view
    3. Click any day
    4. Advance one month - the initial day (e.g., "17") displays as the day before, (e.g., "16") in the new month

    Anyone see this?


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    Working fine in ZCS 5.0.10.

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    Default Calendar opens one day forward...

    I have a similar problem, the Server OS has the correct date/time, also the client OS, even the BIOS in both cases.

    When I open Calendar, it is always one day forward.

    I have test with differet timezone combinations, but the problem persist.

    I haven't found anything similar on the Forums or Bugzilla but this Thread.

    OS: SLES10 (i586)
    Release: 5.0.11 SuSEES10 NETWORK
    Timezone: Caracas (Venezuela)
    Browser: Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3
    - dgamez -

    Netnovation Vzla, S.A.
    Zimbra VAR

    Caracas - Venezuela

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