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Thread: High availability using Open Source edition

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    Default High availability using Open Source edition

    Dear All,

    we understand that HA feature is already available in NE edition,
    however, just to see have anyone already tried to do ZCS
    high availability using open source edition?

    Here's my thought :

    hardwares : 2 servers + SAN

    1. ZCS installation

    Install ZCS as usual in two servers, and then

    chkconfig zimbra off
    /etc/init.d/zimbra stop

    cd /opt/zimbra
    tar zcvf zcs.tgz ./* (only on server1)
    cd /opt
    mv zimbra zimbra.old
    ln -s /app/zimbra ./zimbra

    (in server 1)
    mount <SAN volume> /app
    cd /app
    mkdir zimbra
    cd zimbra
    tar zxvf /opt/zcs.tgz

    2. Modify /etc/init.d/zimbra script

    modify /etc/init.d/zimbra script, so that it looks like :
    ## for cluster
    ip addr add x.x.x.x dev eth0
    mount <SAN volume> /app
    command shutdown
    command startup
    if [ -d /var/lock/subsys -a $RETVAL -eq 0 ]; then
    touch /var/lock/subsys/zimbra
    ## for cluster
    ip addr add x.x.x.x dev eth1
    mount <SAN volume> /app
    command startup
    if [ -d /var/lock/subsys -a $RETVAL -eq 0 ]; then
    touch /var/lock/subsys/zimbra
    ## for cluster
    ip addr del x.x.x.x dev eth1
    command shutdown
    if [ -d /var/lock/subsys -a $RETVAL -eq 0 ]; then
    rm -f /var/lock/subsys/zimbra

    ## for cluster
    umount /app

    copy /etc/init.d/zimbra script to another host.

    3. write a monitoring script and run script in the server
    which doesn't run ZCS in the beginning. Basically, it will
    check remote ZCS services and remote host network availability.

    if remote host/ZCS services stops, then start to bring up
    ZCS locally.

    Could anyone provide some idea on this ??
    Any comment on this will be highly appreciated.


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    Default HA in open source

    Hi All.

    Any luck with setting up HA in the open source edition?

    @tiger2000: Regarding your concept described above: I dont think it is going to work. A Zimbra Employee advised me, that Zimbra must run in /opt/zimbra (is hardcoded in several places). Thats also the reason why you can not run two Zimbra instances on a single server.


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