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    I have a few companies behind this ZCS 5.0.9 served with OpenLDAP/Samba external server and the client wishes to use a few generic accounts (,, etc) along with existing accounts. is there a method for opening multiple accounts? I have been able to share accounts directories and resources but not then log onto the account accepting the share and send an email as that generic account.
    Any suggestions?

    In the following example i have three users Mo@domain.ocm, larry@domain.ocm, and curly@domain.ocm. We also have stooge@domain.ocm. The stooge@domain.ocm account is shared with the three users who accept the sharing inbox. When an email comes into the stooge email box, we want any of the three users (in this case curly) send an email and designate the account as stooge@domain.ocm rather than it coming from curly, or as an on behalf of. Any method for doing this?

    An estranged admin seeking unusual assistance.

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    Have any of you administrators or developers ran into these issues?

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