Hi Guys,
Just a real quick one. I had a look around for this and couldnt find anything conclusive so i thought i'd ask around:

i have a load of mail (150+ messages) in the deferred queue for an old zimbra server which isnt in use anymore. The messages were collected by the mailserver when there was a dns error on a domain. I really need to dig out the messages for a prticular domain and forward them on to the domain administrator. I thought that i could do this from the postfix spool /opt/zimbra/postfix-2.x.x/spool/deferred but they dont seem to be in there.
Can anyone let me know where to find these?
I'm hoping they are not in /opt/zimbra/store/ as I had a look in there and there's thousands of mails that dont seem to have any organization in there and it would be impossible to find the 150 or so i'm after.

Any ideas anyone?
Thanks very much