Okay, I tried to search and figure this out as much as I could before I posted this so please bear with me, I couldnt make the jump to the next step.

When reading info about user migration all I ever see KevinH and marcmac saying is "Batch" "script" "command line utility"

Thats great but where is the list of attrib1 value1 attrib2 value2?

I got this much to work:
400 users: using excel --
file: zimport.txt
ca [username@domain.com] [password]

then at command prompt:
zmprov < zimport.txt
[GUIDS of user accts created?]

now I want to set the display names since:
ca [username@domain.com] [password] displayName [First Last]
didnt work I created users as above then tried
ma [username@domain.com] displayName [First Last]
-- no good
ma [username@domain.com] cn [First Last]
-- no good

so I am wondering just exactly what the allowable values ARE for displayName, Phone, etc in the form of attrib1 value1
AND further more am I using the correct syntax :
ma ...........

could I even just
ca ...........

It would make my life easier in the future creating user accounts if it was all on one line...