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Thread: Zimbra Community Edition & Exchange 2003

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    Default Zimbra Community Edition & Exchange 2003

    Hi there, Ive been searching through the forums, and have come across snippets of what I would like to do - most of them centering around a split domain config. What I would like is as follows;

    Email Arrives at Zimbra server for > Zimbra checks this email for spam and viruses (if found, sends to admin @ & user) > email is relayed to exchange server which accepts mail for

    Basically this has come about as an interim measure for trialing zimbra.

    Is it possible to set up a forward on the domain level, but still retain the spamassasin and clamav functionality, where would I be looking to config this? - if so, where will the junk email go to?

    Thanks guys


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    Welcome to the forum.

    I don't see the point.

    Either you setup a "real" Split Domain and this way you have the ability to have some users on the ZCS server while the other ones stay on the Exchange one.
    There's an excellent page on the wiki about this, ZCS will be the primary server and Exchange the secondary one.

    If you find a way to do some "domain forwarding but keep AS/AV" (at the postfix level I guess), you won't be able to have some users on the ZCS. Everything will be forwarded to Exchange. Thus the only thing you'll be testing out of ZCS is "postfix + amavis + clamav + spamassassin"...

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    Yeah, its not so much as to trial the system - that we know is good, we want to run it in tandem with exchange under the loads we would normally see before finally migrating all users over to ZCS without a massive change to the frontend systems (zimbra)

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