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Thread: GoDaddy Cert Expires in NOV services won't start

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    Default GoDaddy Cert Expires in NOV services won't start


    My valid cert expires in Nov. I have the new godaddy cert.

    I used the wiki Installing a GoDaddy Commercial Certificate - Zimbra :: Wiki to get it going the first time.

    This time I backed up everything. I then copied the original files to .old

    Ran through the wiki steps everything went ok no errors except on the interm.crt it said it was already there.

    keytool error: java.lang.Exception: Certificate not imported, alias <intermed> already exists

    When I copy the keystore to the tomcat/conf dir and restart zimbra the website will not come up and none of my clients can connect with imap. If I copy the original commercial.keystore back everything works fine.

    cp /opt/zimbra/ssl/ssl/commercial.keystore.old /opt/zimbra/tomcat/conf/keystore

    This is the version I am running.
    Release 4.5.11_GA_1751.SuSE10_20080128132723 SuSE10 FOSS edition
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