Using OSS Zimbra 5.0.9 on SLES10 SP1. I have a few people that can connect using imap (but can not send email) from a remote office using outlook 2k7; they use to be able to connect. So i went into the admin panel to make sure all the MTA/trusted addresses were correct and upon clicking "save", i get:
JavaScript error encountered in method zaxFormViewController.Prototype.runValidationStack
I click on the details button and get:
name: TypeError message 'szAddr' is null or not an object number: - 2146823281 description: 'szAddr' is null or not an object:

The funny thing is, i can click on "close" and then get a message that asks if i want to save changes and i say "yes" and if i go back into "MTA" those changes are saved. Should i be looking in the mailbox log or somewhere else for this error? Can someone help?