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Thread: Meeting attachments in public calendars - do they work?

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    Default Meeting attachments in public calendars - do they work?

    Just learning the ZCS NE ropes to develop some end user training materials, and overall I'm very impressed.

    One feature our staff will find useful is ability to share a calendar publicly in HTML format (e.g. http://server/home/user/Calendar.html)

    Only one hitch:
    If a meeting on the shared calendar has an attachment, viewing the meeting details reveals a paperclip icon and text ("1 attachment") in the upper right corner. So far so good. But, when you click on it, instead of downloading the attachment, nothing happens. The active link is there, but it is just to the current page.

    Is something broken in my install of ZCS, or is this just a not-quite-implemented feature?

    This functionality would be very handy for sharing meeting materials with non-Zimbra partners who attend our meetings.

    If no one knows what's up, I'll file an issue in bugzilla.

    Version 5.0.9_GA_2533.UBUNTU8.NETWORK Aug 14, 2008

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    Giving my post one bump (I posted in the middle of the night originally) before moving on to file an issue in Bugzilla.

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