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Thread: Extend reminder times for the Calendar?

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    Default Extend reminder times for the Calendar?

    Hi all,

    Has anyone found that the calendar reminder time allotments are unworkable? The current max reminder time is 18 hours, which isn't even 2 days. This means that if you have an appointment first thing on Monday morning, you won't get the reminder unless you come to work on Sunday.

    This doesn't really work out...

    I got the following e-mail from a user:

    I have used Outlook to calendar legal rudiment type events I need to comply with. Zimbra does not have a long enough Reminder function to make it workable. If Zimbra could be changed to provide up to two weeks notice of an upcoming calendar item, it would function as well as Outlook for this purpose.

    For instance, if I have an insurance renewal, or a vehicle registration, or some such coming up this month, I want to be reminded enough ahead of time so I can do something about it. Zimbra only give up to 18 hours for a reminder. I don't have time to respond. If the event is on a Monday, I don't have any reminder, really..

    Outlook gives up to 18 hours, and then gives 1, 2, 3, and 4 days, and one and two weeks. That works very well.

    Can Zimbra get an enhancement like this?

    2 weeks is a bit different from 2 days (as would be needed for the Monday appointment) but I think you get the point.

    Is this functionality available somewhere in the admin console and I just missed it? If not, can it be added for the next version?

    - Jesse

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