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Thread: Problem on using RBL!

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    Default Problem on using RBL!

    Dear all,
    Our zimbra system is setup to use some RBLs for verifying SPAM. However,
    We have some problems when users use email clients (Outlook 2003, Outlook Express, ...) from ADSL line to connect zimbra server using SMTP and POP for sending/receiving mail. Some IP addresses of ADSL lines is listed in RBLs so when users send mail, they receive the error: their IP address is listed in --> blocked.
    has Zimbra solutions to authenticated users can send mail in this case?
    We're on zimbra 5.0.8 version
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    I'm still pretty much a qmail guy, but need to pick up some postfix skills, so I'm not entirely sure about this solution, but it looks like the general idea would be something along these lines:

    In your for postfix add a line / add to the restrictions line if its there already:
    smtpd_client_restrictions = permit_mynetworks
    this will hopefully override the RBL checks for all ip ranges you have in $mynetworks. Add your ADSL ip ranges to that, and hopefully all goes well.

    Postfix Configuration - UCE Controls

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