Hey All,

I have a system that is throwing a 503 error when attempting to access the admin console. The browser will display the self-signed cert warning and then displays this:


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Here's what interesting.. I didn't have any part in this so I can't be of a lot of help as far as what happened, but the system had crashed a few days ago leaving the jfs filesystem corrupt. They fsck'd it and it *mostly* came back up. For whatever reason it had made the redo.log file into a directory with a few empty files in it. Mailboxd wouldn't start, of course, so I moved the directory and then restarted the ZCS services and everything came up without errors (or so we thought..). The only thing that doesn't work now is the admin console. I do a 'tail -f' on /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log and /var/log/zimbra.log and nothing happens while I try to access the admin console. Is there a separate log file I should be looking for? The admin console runs on top of mailboxd, correct? TIA