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Thread: Problem with Shared Briefcase on Two Servers

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    Question Problem with Shared Briefcase on Two Servers

    We're having a problem with sharing briefcase documents between servers. For instance, say I have a user XX on server 1 and they put a document A.txt in their briefcase and share it with user YY on server 2. Then user XX shares the document/folder in their briefcase with user YY and user YY accepts. Now if user YY (who's on server 2) goes into user XX's briefcase to get the document things break. If you float over the link to the document it will show the document as being on server 2, but if you click on the document then it'll pull up an error page complaining about the url for the document (rewritten in terms of mail1) is an "Invalid uri". This share and document work fine as long as they (the users) are on the *same* server.

    Seems to be reproducable for us (Zimbra 5.0.5_GA NE).
    1. Have user on one server share a document+briefcase with a user on second server
    2. Have the second user accept the share and try to access the document by clicking on it in the briefcase share.
    3. See error

    Anyone run into this? Bug that's fixed after 5.0.5? Do we maybe just have something configured wrong?

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    Default Error Message Text

    In our case the error message is "Invalid uri ' 1/Topic 1 Meeting.xls': escaped absolute path not valid" and the browser shows in its location bar ""

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