Ok...I have strange setup I am attempting to migrate over and I wondered if I am missing an easy solution.

Old server setup (at least for this one domain)

Fedora running Sendmail. Using the virtusertable any mail addressed to a particular domain is redirected to a single shell account. The remote client at the other end uses fetchmail to pull the mail down and then he distributes it to individual users at his end.

So in the virtusertable I have the following:

@sampledomain.com sampleuser

So mail sent to joe@sampledomain.com or pete@sampledomain.com or kevin@sampledomain.com all gets routed to the one mailbox. Then once he fetches it he redistributes it at the other end by the real e-mail address. The clients want to keep this setup.

The only way I can see to do this is to create a single user, sampleuser@sampledomain.com, with a bunch of aliases. So joe@sampledomain.com and pete@sampledomain.com would be aliases for the sampleuser@sampledomain.com. I can see no way to do the equivalent of a virtusertable and effectively alias an entire domain to one user. Am I just missing something or is this in fact not doable.

Not a huge deal, just creates a tiny bit more administrative overhead to create the aliases whenever user is added or deleted.