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Thread: [SOLVED] Inactive Accounts Criteria?

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    Default [SOLVED] Inactive Accounts Criteria?

    I need to cull my accounts. Large amounts of my users use outlook express and other pop3 clients. Does the inactive accounts query count logins via pop3, imap, and web? Or just the web interface?

    If it only counts web interface logins. Is there any way to list users who have not logged in via any interface in the last 6mo's?

    Update: I found old account on the server of mine that I had forgotten about, it's last login was the date of the server migration. I accesses via outlook express, it changed the last login.
    Now.. I just upgraded from 5.02 to 5.09 a week ago. Like so many other things I have noticed, is this something that was fixed or changed? Looking at the clients last login dates, it still is not clear, I am sure I have provided support for some of the addresses that are showing last login as the date of the migration (migration was from merik to zimbra last Feb)

    BTW I have never accualy posted, but I have to say.. My life has been way easier since the migration. We have 700 users on this server, Dual core P4 3Ghz, 4GB Ram, Dual 160GB SATA Raid 1, No real problems!

    Thank You
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    Welcome to the forums,

    Inactive (30 & 90) is based on the zimbraLastLogonTimestampFrequency (does include Web, IMAP, & POP), so to search in the admin console for inactive 6 months:
    The server will update the user's zimbraLastLogonTimestamp user attribute at most once every zimbraLastLogonTimestampFrequency.
    Default is 7d to cutdown on ldap writes every time you auth. You can set it to values like: 1d, 1h, 1m, 1s, or 0 for disabled:
    zmprov mcf zimbraLastLogonTimestampFrequency 3d
    Think of the pure volume of some systems, updating an attribute for several million active users all day long makes for a lot of writes and replication. Prompted implementation of: Bug 18972 - provide way to completely disable zimbraLastLogonTimestamp (setting to 0).

    Your /opt/zimbra/log/audit.log is continuous anyways so you can always check that. There is a MYSQL database entry in zimbra.mailbox for last_soap_access (getLastSoapAccessTime) not ported to a LDAP value because that would be nuts.

    For some, 7 days does seem a little high though given the average installation size and faster systems. To that end, someone had an bugzilla entry in to get the default changed from 7d > 3d but I don't know what happened to it. If you have the time/ability for a large scale performance test go for it.

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    Thank you for the quick reply! Just to be safe I am going to close the 175 inactive accounts and see who calls.

    This is going to free up around 60GB of HD space, allowing me to pospone an upgrade

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