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Thread: Where does zimbra store it's data files?

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    Default Where does zimbra store it's data files?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm using Zimbra for the first time and don't know where it stores the user data files?

    Basically, i'm running Zimbra inside a xen guest and need to know where the user files end up so i can mount a shared directory (my guest image has a limited amount of space but not the dom0 server )).

    Thanks in advance,
    Luís Silva

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    Welcome to the forums,

    By default 'essentially' everything in stored under /opt/zimbra.

    Extra info:

    It's better to make /opt a mount rather than a symlink: Bug 14725 - Installer fails to follow and destroyes symbolic links (5.0.11 will include a warning).

    Hard links (ln without the -s) can be used on directories but it's not typical, thus a force flag (usage is -d, -F, or --directory) so you should read up on pro's vs con's, and can't cross file system boundaries (disk partition).

    Still better to use mount, with the --bind switch to link two directories.

    Vote: Bug 10955 – allow installation to location other than /opt/zimbra/

    However you can mount any of the directories elsewhere as needed, the larger one's typically being:
    /opt/zimbra/store < Blobs
    /opt/zimbra/index < Lucene
    /opt/zimbra/db <MySQL
    Others frequently mounted elsewhere include the redologs, postfix queues, logger db, logs, and if NE backup, secondary stores, etc.

    Might have a read through these:
    ZCS System Architecture - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Those do need to be updated (for instance Why we switched to Jetty » Zimbra :: Blog) but they are a good starting point.

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    Default Not exactly what i was after...but...

    Thanks for your reply! ;o)

    I was more interested in finding where the data files are (ie: user Maildirs and stuff) but knowing that Zimbra keeps all the important files in /opt/zimbra is a good help!

    Thank you )
    Luís Silva

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