Hi there,

I've run into a very strange problem. One user just reported that one of his subfolders under his inbox has disappeared. I really didn't believe him at first. It just seemed to weird that a folder would just disappear, so I thought that maybe he had deleted it by mistake.

He gave me the name of a sender from whom he had received an email earlier this week and filed in the now disappeared folder. So, I logged in to his account and looked all over for the folder. The folder isn't there. I then ran a search for the guy's name. Sure enough, I found a bunch of email from the guy and in the "Folder" column all those emails are shown as being in the folder that no longer appears in the folder list.

I find this very, very strange.

The steps I've taken so far is to restore the users account from backups to a new restore_user@... account. I've re-indexed the restored account to see if that would help, but with no luck.

Does anyone have any ideas?