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    I started getting some odd behavior today and thought I'd ask about it. All of a sudden today we'll intermittently get duplicated copies of messages.

    My first guess was that it was something related to a pop client timeout (we use outlook) and that it was duplicating a message that hadn't been successfully cleaned up off the server, but that doesn't appear to be the cause. I had a user send me 2 messages today, but I received 3 (2 copies of the second message). I ran zmmsgtrace for our email addresses and get the following:

    Message ID 'CC4E2834E91241E6B0F520985472BD09@Pressaprint.local' -->
      2008-10-21 13:44:29 - localhost ( --> pp-colo
      2008-10-21 13:44:30 - pp-colo --> (]:7) status sent
    Message ID '53A8E99255C1400385095ED707E0D46F@Pressaprint.local' -->
      2008-10-21 14:53:19 - localhost ( --> pp-colo
      2008-10-21 14:53:20 - pp-colo --> (]:7) status sent
    Message ID '8CF856D10149419DB35D01828B7483D7@Pressaprint.local' -->
      2008-10-21 14:53:21 - localhost ( --> pp-colo
      2008-10-21 14:53:22 - pp-colo --> (]:7) status sent
    I've also attached a screen shot of my Inbox in case anyone needed it. This has happened at least 2 or 3 times today that I'm aware of and is pretty bizarre. The only recent change I can think of was made in the Global Settings on the MTA where I added the RBL to our filtering list and I don't think that should have caused this, but I don't know for sure. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can try to track down a cause for this? Thanks in advance,

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