Hello everyone,

I have been implementing/using the zimbra collaboration Suite with samba posix zimlet. It is working fine from what I can tell. I am only using the mail server for my own use so far. I have used the following link as a guide.

The thing I never could get to work was the automatic creation of /home/(new user) directory at first logon to the domain. I have searched and found heaps of sites with answers, but nothing has worked out. It seem it has to do with pam_mkhomedir.so. I have the exact same content in all /etc/pam.d/common-* as in the guide.

I also came across another way of doing just that. Here is what I am using for the time being.

All on one line, /etc/samba.conf, for [homes]:

root preexec = /etc/samba/scripts/mk_sambadir "/home/%u" "%u" "%g"

create file mk_sambadir with content below and make it executable:

if [ ! -d "$1" ]
mkdir "$1"
chmod 770 "$1" -R
chown "$2" "$1" -R
chgrp "$3" "$1" -R

Maybe someone else may have some input.
OS: CentOS 5.2 64bit
ZCS: 5.0.10 OSS 64bit for RHEL 5

Thanks a lot.

Willi Eigenmann