I'm just deploying zimbra and a user has pointed out a bug to me.

I'm currently porting accounts from an existing IMAP server to the Zimbra. To do this, i load the IMAP account as an external one, then copy emails, folders etc across into the relevant zimbra folders.

When one clicks between "Inbox" and "Sent" for the zimbra stores, the fields change between "From" and "To" as one would expect.

Problem is, for the IMAP accounts, this doesnt happen and the fields stay as "From" regardless of it being sent or inbox.

So from here, a problem arises when I copy emails from "Sent" [IMAP] to "Sent" [zimbra] because the zimbra store does change to the "To" field and all ported emails show the "To" address incorrectly (i.e. it shows the sender and not recipient).

Is this a known bug? Can i get around it?