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Thread: Restrict incoming domains

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    Default Restrict incoming domains


    I've searched the forums and wiki for an answer to my question and couldn't find any. I'll appreciate any feedback.

    I would like to restrict the sender domain name.
    i.e, if my domain is, I would like only
    messages coming from "MTA Trusted Networks" or Authenticated users to be able to be from, and no one else.

    Today the situation is that spammers send messages to my users at as forged address coming from

    Thanks in advance,

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    A better solution for you (and everyone on the internet) is to use spf records.

    spf records are domain records yo uadd to your dns zone that basically say "e-mail from this domain will only come from the following servers:"

    Then, your e-mail server and every other e-mail server on the internet that reads spf records can tell if an e-mail with your domain is spoofed or not.

    Theres information about adding spf checking to zimbra's spamassassin here

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