One of my users is receiving 'Local Failure Notice' messages on every sync attempt (so at least once a minute). Furthermore, the notices are appearing in his sync issues folder and in his Inbox. He is using Outlook 2007 SP1 with ZCO 5.0.10_GA_2638_5.0.2767.10.

I tried opening/closing Outlook - no change. I tried creating a new profile - the new profile wouldn't download his mail from the server (no error messages). Outlook simply reported that the sync was completed successfully.

He is able to send/receive new mail normally. I had to uninstall ZCO 5.0.10 and install 5.0.9 in order to prevent the notices from appearing in his inbox. He is still receiving one on every sync attempt in his sync issues folder. They all look like the following (no attachments):

Local Failures were detected. No action is required.
This e-mail was generated for technical support purposes.

Sync Type: Delta Sync

Store: Zimbra - Joe User
Computer Name: laptop666

Version: 5.0.2767.10

This object does not have an ID, it is a newly created item

Error Code: -2147221233
Error Message: Unknown error 0x8004010F

ErrorInfo::GetSource: Microsoft Office Outlook
ErrorInfo::GetDescription: The message you specified cannot be found.