We're using a central account shared folder setup for central project related e-mail storage. So we have an account company@domian.com which has folders like


We just started this, and users have immediately found the bug where if you reply to an e-mail thats in Project1, even if it's an e-mail that you put in there, it says "From: company@domain.com" and on behalf of: user@domain.com.

This is a highly voted problem described here Bug 22819 – reply to another user's message is always on-behalf-of

However, I discovered somethign in my testing. If you create a folder under like Project1


Then you put an e-mail in it, and reply to it, it behaves how it should (in our case) it says from user@domain.com and not the central account.

Is this a bug? If it is, is there any way to make this bug happen at the top level? This would become a useful feature to us.