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Thread: Zimbra and Antispam/Antivirus appliance implementation suggestion

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    Default Zimbra and Antispam/Antivirus appliance implementation suggestion

    Hi, We have a Zimbra Community edition mail server setup. We are now planning to have a separate hardware for spam and anti-virus for better spam control.

    1) The mail server is located at location-1 while the appliance will reside in location-2
    2) The mails will be initially received in the location-1 mail server passed to the appliance at location-2 for spam/virus filtration and then the mail has to be sent back to the mail server in location-1 for delivery to the user mailbox
    3) I will not be able to put this appliance in location-1 since it a data-center at distant place

    I thought that we should able to do this if we are able to send the mail from postfix in location-1 server to the spam appliance and then the appliance can pass them back to amavis in location-1 server.
    I want suggestion on this method or any better way to implement this solution?

    We have Zimbra 5.0.10
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