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Thread: Server to Backup Server Sync.

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    Default Server to Backup Server Sync.

    Hey guys,

    Been searching for this for a while now. Basically all I want to do is set up a backup server with the exact same config as my primary server and have the backup server sync everything every (x)minutes. Has anyone else tried this and succeeded with IMAP Sync or something similar, between 2 ZCS 5.0.9+? I run 5.0.10FOSS. On 2 servers.(Primary / Standby)

    This will prevent disaster recovery by a huge amount. I would much rather run 2 servers and have them sync constantly than having to worry about running a restore when my clients can get unhappy with the down time. Plus, changing ports on a router to point to a different server is a lot faster than doing a restore of any sort, or troubleshooting... That way I can do backups in a more fasionable way too. Setting up the routers to automatically switch between servers, and once the switch is complete completely shutdown services on primary server, do a full or differential backup then bring the primary back and do the same with the backup server.

    This should make for very easy emergency recovery with a failsafe backup if all else fails. And a somewhat decent way to backup a zcs.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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