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Thread: Character Encoding and zmmailbox getRestURL

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    Default Character Encoding and zmmailbox getRestURL

    When exporting user mailbox with the zmmailbox getRestURL method, is it possible to specify character encoding?

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    Messages are returned as-is, exactly as they were received from the MTA. No character encoding is done on them.
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    Let me revive the topic. As I understand smth has been changed since this topic was opened. I understand that 7.0 is in only BETA now, but maybe it will be better to inform you now about this. If we migrate users from one server to another (exactly from 6.0.7 to 7.0) there is a problem with encodings. Almost everything exported and imported well, except names of messages senders. I use Russian localization and UTF-8 encoding of course. Migration is ok when we migrate tasks, calendars, contacts, documents, mail (text and topic), but if the name of the sender written in Russian (I don't know how is it in other languages) - it's bad.. Logs are don't work that why I can't tell you the reason. If you know how to solve the problem or can tell me how I can help you to solve this - I will be happy.

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