I am using 4.5.7
All users are using Outlook

I am hosting mail for our main office and 2 branch offices. They are all different domain names.

From our main site and site 1 I can send and recieve mail just fine.
Their addresses are added to the MTA trusted sites.

When I add the 2nd site to MTA trusted sites it still does not work. I restart the services using zmcontrol stop and than start. I have restarted the zimbra server and still nothing.

From site 1 I can reach the zimbra server on port 25 but from the second site I cannot. I have tested and can ping it just fine.

From site 1 I can add an e-mail address that is supposed to be used on site 2 and it works fine.

Also I would like to know how users that use laptops can send and receive mail when they are away from the office. Right now they can recieve mail when they are away from the office, they just cannot send mail.

Sorry if this has been answered on the forums before, I have looked and just cannot find the answer.

Thank you for any help.