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Thread: Fetching mail from a 3rd party POP server

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    Default Fetching mail from a 3rd party POP server

    I would like to install Zimbra server on my computer. However, it goes off line from time to time. That is why I'm hosting my mail with a third party POP server. Is there a possibility to configure Zibra server installed on my computer to use that POP, and the respective SMPT servers to receive and send messages? The remaining data (briefcase, contacts, etc) will live on my computer.
    What would you suggest me to read in order to set up such a configuration?
    Thank you

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    Welcome to the forums

    If you require your POP3 email to be scanned for viruses and spam the you will need to deliver it to ZCS using fetchmail until such time Bug 14047 - AntiSpam doesn't work with external POP3 Account is resolved. With respect to SMTP does your ISP trust your IP so that you could relay through them for outbound ?

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