Hey there,

I'm experiencing some issues with Zimbra where it will become very sluggish ( we're talking 30 seconds to load pages in some cases, at best 8-10 seconds to get some things going) and occasionally the web interface will stop responding alltogether. This is over DSL in most cases, but has also occured over a 100mbps ethernet connection as well.

cat /proc/meminfo shows that only ~ 140 megs of physical memory is available. The server is a 2.8ghz Pentium IV with 3gigs of ddr2 memory, sata150 hard disks in a raid array.

top shows that two processes , zimbra Java and Zimbra mysqld both have virtual memory images of over a gigabyte apiece. ( 1181megs for java and 1058 for mysqld )

I'm guessing that has something to do with the slugishness, but I'm still new enough to zimbra to not be sure of what I can do.

I'm open to suggestions.