i really don't get it with this Global Documents Account and how to use this correctly.

Can anyone give me some hints how to USE this?

I really know how to create a "domain Documents account". But i don't know how it is supposed to be used?

I can login as the wiki user. I have this Template folder and a Notebook folder in my Documents. OK, with the Template folder i can change the general appearance of Documents for all users.

How are the Users in this domain supposed to use this? As a normal User i only have the Notebook folder. And this one is not connected in any way to the Notebook of my "domain Documents account".

Shall I create folders as the "domain Documents account" and share them manually? I don't think this would be the right way!? Or is it?

Can anyone enlighten me? I'm really lost in the documentation, which is good if you know what you want. But in this case i don't really know what i want ;-) I just want to know what this feature with the "domain Documents account" is for.