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Thread: LDAP / Apple Address Book

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    Default [SOLVED] LDAP / Apple Address Book

    Hi all

    Running Zimbra OS 5.0.10 and I'm trying to get the GAL to show up on Apple Address Book (Leopard). I read the wiki topic on this issue and did the configuration steps:

    However I get no entries in this just created directory.

    Running ldapsearch on the same machine from a terminal yelds expected results:

    $ ldapsearch -x -b dc=colortechdp,dc=com,dc=br -h servidor.colortech
    # extended LDIF
    # LDAPv3
    # base <dc=colortechdp,dc=com,dc=br> with scope subtree
    # filter: (objectclass=*)
    # requesting: ALL
    dn: dc=colortechdp,dc=com,dc=br
    zimbraMailStatus: enabled
    zimbraId: be19ca28-29f2-4c75-b419-dc81ec86d861
    dc: colortechdp
    zimbraDomainType: local
    objectClass: dcObject
    objectClass: organization
    objectClass: zimbraDomain
    o: domain
    # people,
    dn: ou=people,dc=colortechdp,dc=com,dc=br
    ou: people
    objectClass: organizationalRole
    cn: people
    and so on...
    I tried using simple authentication (with and without credentials), to no avail.

    Any ideas?

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    Well it IS working, the problem is there are no entries displayed on the new directory in Address Book, however Mail is indeed looking up GAL addresses in the LDAP directory.

    I thought the GAL entries would show up in Address Book... Weird, but it's working. Marking the thread as solved.

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